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  1. Mountbatten Writer and Mountbatten Learning System


    The Mountbatten Writer and Mountbatten Learning System have been designed to introduce students to Braille literacy in a fun and inclusive manner.

    Its versatility as both a teaching and a writing tool makes the Mountbatten the ideal choice for students of all ages, from pre-school children at the very early stages of Braille instruction to high school students looking for an efficient way to produce mathematical equations and other Braille materials.


    There are currently 2 different models of the Mountbatten Brailler, please see the Comparison Chart attached.

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  2. TactileView Design Suite

    The TactileView Design Suite is a fully accessible tactile graphics system that allows both sighted and visually impaired user the ability to create tactile graphics fast and efficiently.

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  3. ViewPlus Cub Embosser

    Quality and speed in a compact desktop design! 

    The ViewPlus Cub is the ideal embosser for users who primarily use 8.5 x 11, A4 or smaller paper and still want to be able to quickly and quietly emboss high-resolution Braille and tactile graphics directly from their preferred Windows programs.

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  4. ViewPlus EmBraille Desktop Embosser

    NEW EmBraille Desktop Embosser-The affordable embossing solution!

    Perfect for home or office use, this reliable, compact embosser produces braille at 25 cps. Switch between single-sheet or tractor-feed paper to meet your printing needs.

    ViewPlus Braille Embossers include the Tiger Software Suite®

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  5. ViewPlus Max Embosser

    The ViewPlus Max is the fastest and most versatile of our Desktop series braille printers.

    If you don't want to pay for a heavy duty machine, but instead want a convenient desktop braille printer that still can handle larger paper sizes, the versatile Max Embosser allows you to meet the challenge with ease.

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  6. ViewPlus Premier 100 Embosser

    High-Volume Braille Production - Now With Tiger Graphics


    • High-speed braille along with Tiger super-high-resolution graphics
    • Automatic double-sided embossing-no flipping the paper
    • Production-strength hardware made for running long hours
    • Compact desktop size-smaller than most production embossers
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